TRANZO – Safe & Smart Transport

A Digital Platform delivering smart mobility solutions addressing capacity problems, safety, security, reliability, pollution, and wasted energy for the transportation industry

About Us

Road safety and safe transportation are essential for the modern society. The future of Safe & Smart Transportation belongs to Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies.

Tranzo Digital is designing and delivering safe & smart solutions addressing major challenges like capacity problems, safety, security, reliability, environmental pollution, and wasted energy for the transportation industry taking advantage of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT.

Transportation systems in India face several challenges with increasing number of road accidents and inefficiencies and loses $8.2 billion annually due to accidents and road safety lapses alone.

Tranzo Digital Platform through its Smart Mobility as a Service (SMaaS) model offers various solutions such as SafeRide, SafeRoadz, SmartDriver, Safe2School, SafeBus, SafeTruck offer insights on driver behaviour, fuel efficiency, route efficiency, pollution parameters through IOT devices connected to the platform to enable smart mobility.



One stop portal for professionally trained, certified, background verified drivers and behaviour analysis to ensure driver safety.


Delivering valuable insights about pollution parameters, capacity problems, fuel efficiency and energy utilisation through IOT devices connected to the platform


Ensuring passenger and vehicle safety in public and private bus transport through real time remote monitoring and alert management system.


Ensuring kids safety in school buses and peace of mind for parents through continuous remote monitoring and real-time alerts.


A comprehensive solution for truck owners/aggregators that will ensure the safety of drivers and high-value goods, route optimisation, consignment tracking and on-time delivery.


A solution for private car owners, ride-hailing and ride-sharing services to ensure road safety, passenger safety and traffic regulations that would improve help improve efficiency of road transport

Digital biomarker for Alcohol

Our Patented “AlcoTrack Digital Biomarkers” integrated with the platform and the driver app enable real time remote monitoring of drivers along with Mobile On Board Diagnostics that provide continuous analysis and feedback to ensure safety of driver, vehicle and high value goods.